Ann Bergren


Ann Bergren is the author of The Etymology and Usage of PEIRAR in Early Greek Poetry. A Study in the Interrelationship of Metrics, Linguistics and Poetics. American Classical Studies, No. 2. American Philological Association, New York, 1975. Her book, Weaving Truth. Essays on Language and the Female in Greek Thought, was published by the Center for Hellenic Studies and distributed by Harvard University Press in 2008.

Among her undergraduate courses are: “Body House City Cosmos: The Construction of the Female in Greek Thought,” “The Archaic Greek Symposium,” “Plato’s Republic: Dionysus and Philosophy,” and “Aristotle’s Anthropos.” At the graduate level, she teaches seminars on Homer, Hesiod, the Homeric Hymns, Greek lyric poetry, Aristophanes, and Literary Theory.