Simos Zenios

A photo of Simos Zenios

I joined the Department of Classics at UCLA in 2018, after completing my PhD in Comparative Literature at Harvard University. I also hold an MSc in General and Comparative Literature from the University of Edinburgh and a BA in Greek Philology from the University of Athens.

My research focuses on Modern Greek literature (18th-20th centuries), classical receptions, and European Enlightenment and Romanticism. My current book project, provisionally entitled ‘Voice of Power, Voice of Terror’: Lyric, Violence, and the Greek Revolution, argues that lyric discourse was a site where the idea of violence and power as constitutive of political modernity was tested and contested throughout in nineteenth century Hellenic literature. Other projects include a study of literary or fake declarations of independence as a transnational genre and the mapping of literary manifestations of Indology in Modern Greek literature and philology.

At UCLA I teach courses on Modern Greek language, literature, and civilization, on transhistorical topics in Hellenic Studies, and on Classical Receptions from a comparative perspective.