The UCLA Department of Classics is one of three Humanities departments at UCLA ranked in the top ten nationally in the last National Research Council report. Classics forms the foundation for the Humanities. Philology, philosophy, government (including democracy), the theater, linguistics, archaeology, literary theory and many other fields have their origins in the Classics. The UCLA Department of Classics has a robust undergraduate and graduate program. Each year we teach an average of 2,000 undergraduate students various aspects of Greek and Roman culture, literature, philology, archaeology, and history. We have a dedicated and diverse faculty of scholars and teachers,...

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The Sather Lecture Series is back and kicks off this Thursday! We cannot wait to welcome our community & @Woolf_Greg (@UCLAHist) for "The Rhythms of Rome: Seasonality and Society in the Early Empire!"


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Professor Sarah Beckmann is settling in at Rome as an American Academy Fellow this year. Here she is in front of the Mausoleum. We miss her and her family - Prof Sam Beckelhymer, Sally, and Julian. Have the best time!