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Graduates from the UCLA Ph.D. Program in Classics 

Zachary Borst (PhD 2021) Lecturer, University of California, Los Angeles. Dissertation: “Mimesis as Metamorphosis in Classical Greek Literature”.

Diana Librandi (PhD 2021) Lecturer, CSU Long Beach. Dissertation: “Recognition and its Dilemmas in Roman Epic”.

Andre Matlock (PhD 2020) Assistant Professor of Classics, University of Georgia. Dissertation: “Time and Experience in Cicero’s Ethical Dialogues”.

Alex Press (PhD 2020) Dissertation: “Justice Purity Piety: A Reading of Porphyry’s On Abstinence from Ensouled Beings“.

Elliot Piros (PhD 2019) Lecturer, CSU Northridge. Dissertation: “Martial and the Poetics of Popular Consumption”.

Ben Radcliffe (PhD 2019) Lecturer, Loyola Marymount University and UCLA. Dissertation: “The Aesthetics of Equality in Early Greek Poetry”.

John Tennant (PhD 2019) Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities, Stanford University (2020-22). Department of Classics. Lecturer in Latin and Greek Language and Literature, Stanford University (2022-24). Dissertation: “Proverbial Plato: Proverbs, Gnomai, and the Reformation of Discourse in Plato’s Republic”. 

Hans Bork (PhD 2018), Assistant Professor of Classics, Stanford University. Dissertation: “A Rough Guide to Insult in Plautus”. Hans was recently awarded the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Prize at Stanford University. 

Grace Gillies (PhD 2018), Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Classical and Medieval Studies, Bates College. Dissertation: “Writing in the Street: The Development of Urban Poetics in Roman Satire”.

Nathan Kish (PhD 2018), Visiting Assistant Professor, Tulane University. Dissertation: “The Ethics and Politics of Style in Latin Rhetorical Invective”.

Celsiana Warwick (PhD 2018), Assistant Professor of Classics, University of Iowa. Dissertation: “For Those Yet to Come: Gender and Kleos in the Iliad”. Congratulations to Celsiana and Justin Vorhis (PhD 2017) on the birth of their baby girl, Alexandria!

Dale Parker (PhD 2018), Ecclesiastical Doctorate in Theology candidate, Pontifica Università della Santa Croce, Rome. Dissertation: “To Win and Win Over: Plato and Aristotle on Strategy and Persuasion in Dialectic”.

Irene Han (PhD 2017), Part-Time Faculty, NYU Gallatin School, New York. 2021-2022 Fulbright Scholar in Paris at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. Dissertation: “One Hundred and One Nights: Plato and the Metaphysical Feminine”.

William McCrary (PhD 2017), Dissertation: “Homeric Subjects:  Psychoanalysis and the Iliad”. PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles.

Justin Vorhis (PhD 2017), Lecturer, The University of Iowa. Dissertation: “The Best of the Macedonians: Alexander as Achilles in Arrian, Curtius, and Plutarch”. Congratulations to Justin and Celsiana Warwick (PhD 2018) on the birth of their baby girl, Alexandria!

Hilary Lehmann (PhD 2016), Assistant Professor of Classics, Knox College, IL. Dissertation: “Feeling Home: House and Ideology in the Attic Orators.”

Suzanne Lye (PhD 2016), Assistant Professor of Classics, UNC Chapel Hill. Dissertation: “The Hypertextual Underworld: Exploring the Underworld as an Intertextual Space in Ancient Greek Literature”.

Alexander Lessie (PhD 2015), Latin Teacher, Polytechnic School, Pasadena, CA. Dissertation: “Becoming Mark Antony: A Metabiographical Study of Characterization and Reception”

Kristin Mann (PhD 2015), Undergraduate Advisor, Indiana University, Bloomington. Dissertation: “The Fabulist in the Fable Book”

Craig Russell (PhD 2013), Assistant Professor, Department of Classics and Letters, University of Oklahoma. Dissertation: “Homer’s Roads Not Taken: Alternate Storytelling Possibilities in the Iliad and the Odyssey”.

Charles Stein (PhD 2013), Inbound Marketing Professional. Dissertation: “Beyond the Generation of Leaves: The Imagery of Trees and Human Life in Homer”

Robert Groves (PhD 2012), Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Religious Studies & Classics, University of Arizona. Dissertation: “Cross-Language Communication in Heliodorus’ Aethiopica.” Recipient of Society for Classical Studies’ Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Classics at the College Level.

Michael Brumbaugh (PhD 2011), Associate Professor, Department of Classical Studies, Tulane University. Dissertation: “Constructing Ideologies of Kingship in the Hymns of Kallimachos”.

Brian Walters (PhD 2011), Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of the Classics and Center for Translation Studies, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. Dissertation: “Metaphor, Violence, and the Death of the Roman Republic”.

Emily Kratzer (PhD 2010), Latin Teacher, Bosque School, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dissertation: “Double Herakles: Studies on the Death and Deification of the Hero in Fifth-Century Drama”.

Renee Calkins (PhD 2010), Senior Lecturer in Classics, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Dissertation: “Making Kleos Mortal: Archaic Attic Funerary Monuments and the Construction of Social Memory”.

Charles Stocking (PhD 2009), Associate Professor, Department of Classical Studies, University of Western Ontario. Dissertation: “Bones, smoke and lies: Hellenizing burnt sacrifice”.

Chris Johanson (PhD 2008), Associate Professor, Department of Classics, UCLA. Dissertation: “Spectacle in the Forum: visualizing the Roman aristocratic funeral of the middle Republic”.

Christine Thompson (PhD 2007), Independent scholar. Dissertation: “Silver in the age of iron and the orientalizing economics of archaic Greece”.

Christopher Eckerman (PhD 2007), Associate Professor, Department of Classics, University of Oregon, Eugene. Dissertation: “Panhellenic Places, Spaces, and Landscapes: Pindar and Bacchylides’ Manipulation of Greek Sanctuaries”.

Lorenzo Garcia (PhD 2007), Associate Professor, Department of Classics, University of New Mexico. Dissertation: “Homeric Temporalities: Simultaneity, Sequence, and Duration in the Iliad”.

Owen Goslin (PhD 2006), Author of blog Micropolitan. Dissertation: “Enacting Pity: A study of rhetoric, supplication, and decision-making in Euripides.”

Gordon Fain (PhD 2005), Professor, Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology, UCLA. Dissertation: “Catullus, Callimachus, and Martial: composition in Greek and Latin epigram”.

Emma Scioli (PhD 2005), Associate Professor, Department of Classics, University of Kansas. Dissertation: “Poetics of sleep: representing dreams and sleep in Latin literature and Roman art”.

Nancy Llewellyn (PhD 2005), Associate Professor of Latin, Belmont Abbey College. Dissertation: “The Columbeis of Julius Caesar Stella”.

Andrew Lear (PhD 2004), President of Oscar Wilde Tours and Shady Lady Tours. Dissertation: “Noble Eros: The idealization of pederasty from the Greek Dark Ages to the Athens of Socrates”.

Seán Easton (PhD 2003), Associate Professor, Department of Classics, Gustavus Adolphus College. Dissertation: “Poetics of envy in Lucan’s Bellum Civile”.

Robin Bond (PhD 1999), Assistant Dean, Honors College, Washington State University. Dissertation: “Interpreting animals in Herodotus: A case study in the poetics of Histories.”

Basil Dufallo (PhD 1999), Professor, Department of Classical Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Dissertation: “Ciceronian oratory and the ghosts of the past”.

Julie Laskaris (PhD 1999), Associate Professor, Department of Classical Studies, University of Richmond. Dissertation: “Art is long: “On the sacred disease” and the scientific tradition.”

Charles McNelis (PhD 1999), Professor, Department of Classics, Georgetown University. Dissertation: “Reflexive narratives: poetics and civil war in Statius’ Thebaid “.

Tara Silvestri Welch (PhD 1999), Professor and Chair, Department of Classics, University of Kansas. Dissertation: “Poetry and place in Propertius’ fourth book”.

Thomas Frazel (PhD 1998), Associate Professor, Department of Classical Studies, Tulane University. Dissertation: “Cicero’s Verrines and Roman rhetorical culture”.

Rebecca Resinski (PhD 1998), Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, Hendrix College. Dissertation: “Cosmos and cosmetics: constituting an adorned female body in ancient Greek literature”.

Melissa Schons Bishop (PhD 1998), CEO and Founder, Expert College Coach; Assistant Executive Director and Vice President of Board of Directors, Joy of Hearing Foundation, Inc. Dissertation: “Horror and the characterization of the witch from Horace to Lucan”.

Jonathan Fenno (PhD 1995), Associate Professor, Department of Classics, University of Mississippi. Dissertation: “Poets, athletes and heroes: Theban and Aeginetan identity in Pindar’s Aeginetan odes”.

Pamela Bleisch (PhD 1994), Latin Teacher, San Luis Obispo Classical Academy, San Luis Obispo, CA. The Aetiological Tradition in Vergil’s Aeneid Books 1-6.

Laurel Bowman (PhD 1994), Associate Professor, Department of Greek and Roman Studies, University of Victoria. Dissertation: “Knowledge and prophecy in Sophokles”.

Kathryn Chew (PhD 1994), Professor of Classics, Department of World Comparative Literature and Classics, California State University, Long Beach. Dissertation: “Novel techniques: motivation and causation in the ancient novels with special reference to Heliodoros’ Aithiopika”.

Frank Russell (PhD 1994), Professor, Department of History, Transylvania University. Dissertation: “Information gathering and intelligence in the Greek World, ca 800-322 B.C.”.

Catherine Schlegel (PhD 1994), Associate Professor, Department of Classics, University of Notre Dame. Dissertation: “Satirist makes satire: self-definition and the power of speech in Horace, Satires”.

Victor Ortiz (PhD 1993), Associate Director of Academic Technology, Marlborough School, Los Angeles. Dissertation: “Athenian tragedy and hero-cult: a study of the Greek poetic and religious imagination”.

John Kearns (PhD 1992), Director of Change Management and Senior Writer for Executive and Strategic Communication, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Dissertation: “Languages of Lydian Ionia”.

Anthony Forte (PhD 1991), Lecturer, Pontificio Istituto Biblico, Rome.

Robert Cape Jr. (PhD 1991), Professor, Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Austin College. Dissertation: “On reading Cicero’s Catilinarian orations”.

Steve Reece (PhD 1990), Professor, Department of Classics, St. Olaf College. Dissertation: “Conventional scenes of hospitality in Homer’s Odyssey”.

Mary Depew (PhD 1989), Associate Professor, Department of Classics, University of Iowa. Dissertation: “Aitia in Callimachus’ Hymns”.

William Donald Wilkins (PhD 1986), Scholar in Residence, The Lockman Foundation. Dissertation: “Commentary on selected passages from Origen’s Peri Archon which are essential to his theory of preexistence”.

Elizabeth Belfiore (1978), Professor Emerita, Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies, University of Minnesota. Dissertation: “‘Imitation’ and Book 10 of Plato’s Republic




Macy Bazzar (Classical Civilization major, 2023)

Gideon Burnes Heath (Greek and Latin major, 2023)

Alec Cabral (Classical Civilization major, 2023)

Sophia Ceja (Classical Civilization major, 2023)

Nicholas Cordero (Classical Civilization major, 2023)

Vanessa Felix (Classical Civilization major, 2023)

Caroline Lunt (Classical Civilization & Greek and Latin major, 2023)

Alan Parker (Latin major, 2023)

Gessica Sementilli (Classical Civilization major, 2023)

Janette Snyder (Classical Civilization major, 2023)

Zheng Wangyuan (Greek and Latin major, 2023)

Denise Alonso (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Alexia Andrikopoulos (Greek minor, 2023)

Amy Berberyan (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Nicole De La Fuente Arceo (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Paige Dehlinger (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Angela Estrada (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Barrett Grubbs (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Alycia Suree Padham Hernandez(Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Feng Jing Yang Hu (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Catherine Jones (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Keya Onnalagadda (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Athena Koon (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Kyrie Liebreich (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Michelle Moon (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Vivi Nguyen (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Alexis Oliveros (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Zaida Ortez (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Abheri Setlur (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Ryan Wallace (Classical Civilization minor, 2023)

Peter Bota (Classical Civilization major, 2022)

Michael Boulos (Classical Civilization major, 2022)

Jade Dupre (Classical Civilization major, 2022)

Genevieve Fermin (Classical Civilization major, 2022)

Nicholas Guymon (Latin major, 2022)

Olivia Hughes (Classical Civilization major, 2022)

Andrew Lane (Classical Civilization major, 2022)

Lingxuan Liu (Classical Civilization major, 2022)

Camille Lopez-Ambrosio (Classical Civilization major, 2022)

Sabrina Munaco (Classical Civilization major, 2022)

Deven Streeton (Classical Civilization major, 2022)

Scott Vanderbilt (Latin major, 2022)

Alexander Williams (Classical Civilization major, 2022)

Andrea Aguilar (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

James Boudreau (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

Kalea Rose Fajardo (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

Molly Henning (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

Alice Georgie McKeon (Latin minor, 2022)

Molly Peterson (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

Josephine Qi (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

Christopher Rea (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

Alec Simoni (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

Hannah Stark (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

Saydie Starnes (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

John Takakjian (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

Evelyn Wan (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

Zi Xi Yang (Classical Civilization minor, 2022)

Haoze Zhou (Latin minor, 2022)

Dido Wang (Greek & Latin BA, 2022) received the Lionel Pearson Fellowship to study Classics at Cambridge for the 2022-23 academic year.

Alejandro Adame (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Matthew Benowitz (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Denise Gonzalez (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Liam Jeon (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Tiara Knight (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Emily Liu (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Mike Martinez (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Kassandra Mastras (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Lauren Mccormick (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Ian Mcmullen (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Keven Michel (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Olivia Shearin (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Anqi Zhou (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Valerie Trudell (Greek & Latin BA 2021) is pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Michigan.

Anqi Zhou (Classical Civilization major, 2021)

Charley Andrews (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Heather Benavides (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Anna Colaianne (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Jasmine Cooper (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Kingsley Cortes (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Austin Davis (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Emma Dixon (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Madison Gutierrez (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Shanahan Europa (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Michael Kanehann (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Deirdre Klena (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Daphne Myhrvold (Latin minor, 2021)

Carlo Lava (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Haison Nguyen (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Sharika Rao (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Branden Werner (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Kelli Woodward (Classical Civilization minor, 2021)

Sarah Brauer (Classical Civilization major, 2020)

Bryce Clark (Classical Civilization major, 2020)

Daniel Coreas (Classical Civilization major, 2020)

Jazmin Hernandez (Classical Civilization major, 2020)

Natalie Melgoza (Classical Civilization major, 2020)

Samuel Hersch (Classical Civilization major 2019) has recently accepted a job offer from Best Buddies. He will be working as their new program manager for their Friendship program, interacting with students and staff from schools across LA and the Inland Empire, making sure their Friendship Chapters—school clubs that foster an inclusive environment for students of all abilities—are thriving.

Cristina Berron  (Classical Civilization BA, 2019), a recent graduate from the 2019 class, recently acquired a full-time position with the Hugh and Hazel Darling Law Library (located right next to Dodd Hall!). Cristina  works with Bibliographic Services as an Acquisitions and Collections Management Assistant. She helps purchase new materials for the library, update marc data for the library catalog, and assists with the maintenance/ prepping of material for the library stacks. Cristina plans on pursuing an MLIS with a focus on archival studies and collections management. After that, she hopes to pursue a masters in Classics.

Silvia Ruelas (Classical Civilization minor, 2018) is working as a Legislative Assistant for the House of Representatives in Congress. She is also applying to Johns Hopkins University Graduate School to pursue a Master’s in Government.

Klancy Maples (Classical Civilization major, Theater minor, 2015) earned her MA in Performing Arts Administration from New York University in 2020 and works in ticketing for The Shubert Organization, the largest and oldest owner of Broadway theaters. She is thankful for the skills she cultivated during her two year stint as the Student Affairs Officer for the Department of Classics.

Hayley Iwig (Classical Civilization and Psychology double major, 2015) attends graduate school at CSULB, where she is pursuing a Masters of Social Work.

Katherine Takakjian (Classical Civilization major; English, Gender Studies, Political Science minor, 2015) is currently pursuing a Juris Doctorate at Stanford Law School, and is considering applying to a dual degree program in order to pursue a Masters in Ancient History.

Carmella Passero (Classical Civilization minor, Italian and Special Fields Major, 2014) did a six-month internship at the Wende Museum in Culver City and is now living in Munich where she is taking German classes. If all goes well, she will start a Master’s program in Art History at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in October 2015.

Melissa Rose (Classical Civilization and Political Science double major, 2014) received her JD from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2017. She is now a practicing attorney in San Diego, specializing in insurance coverage and insurance defense. In the spirit of Classics, she named her two cats Apawllo and Artemis.

Matt Long (Classical Civilization major, Digital Humanities minor, 2014) is the Online Media and Marketing Manager for the Division of Geriatrics in the David Geffen School of Medicine.

Stephen Milburn (Classical Civilization major, 2014) is working as an editor and administrator for the research division of the Stanford University Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative, & Pain Medicine in addition to working as a Latin tutor in San Mateo County.

Faye Mendoza (Classical Civilization minor, 2014) attends medical school at Virgina Commonwealth University.

Robert D. Skeels (Classical Civilization major, 2014) was accepted into Peoples College of Law (Class of 2018) in the Westlake District of Los Angeles. He and his wife still reside in their house in Historic Filipinotown, and he still works as the senior researcher for a privately held electronics firm in Koreatown.

Mary Tsaturian (Classical Civilization minor, 2014) will begin attending George Washington University Medical School in Fall 2016.

Ryann Garcia (Classical Civilization and Religious Studies double major, 2013) is attending Yale University to earn her Masters of Art in Religions – Asian Religions. After graduating from Yale, Ryann hopes to return to UCLA to pursue her PhD.

Demetrius Papadakis (Classical Civilization major, Global Studies minor, 2013) is living in Berlin, Germany where he is about to begin work as an English teacher while continuing to learn German.

Erika Regina Schulz (Classical Civilization and French major, 2013) graduated from UCLA School of Law in 2016, where she served as class president all three years. She is now an associate at DLA Piper LLP, where she practices in business and complex commercial litigation.

Ginny Boles (Greek and Latin major, summa cum laude, Departmental Highest Honors, 2012) is currently teaching high school Latin and middle school English at Oakcrest School in McLean, VA.  After graduating, she designed the middle school Latin curriculum for the South Bronx Classical Charter School in New York and then taught middle school Latin at the Geneva School of Manhattan.

Blake Livesay (Classical Civilization major, 2011), after working briefly as a counselor in the Classics Department, worked as the Student Affairs Officer in the Department of Philosophy at UCLA, just upstairs from his old department. He now works for the Registrar’s Office as the editor for the UCLA General Catalog.

Seraphina Tarrant (Classical Civilization major, 2010) worked as a Product Manager for Google, then obtained her MS in Natural Language Processing from the University of Washington. She is now working towards her PhD in the same field, at the Institute for Languages, Cognition, and Computation at the University of Edinburgh.

Mara Kutter (Classical Civilization and History major, 2010) attended the Post-Baccalaureate Program in Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania for two years and entered the PhD program in Classics at the University of Michigan in 2012.

Tim Smith (Greek and Latin major, 2010) is pursuing a PhD in Classics at Johns Hopkins University.

Joe Khodari (Classical Civilization, 2009) graduate from veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania in 2013. He is currently working in Manhattan.

David Lee (Latin, 2009) returned to UCLA and completed his degree in 2009, after leaving in the late ’90s to work. He now works at an investment advisor firm where he has been for the last 19 years. He is an IT Manager and absolutely loves his job, but he must admit that he misses Latin and the Classics. He is a 3rd degree black belt in Kendo and he and his wife recently had their first child.

Jason Oliver (Classical Civilization, 2009) is beginning his anesthesiology residency at University of Washington this June (2020). Jason remembers studying abroad in Greece in 2008 as one of his favorite UCLA memories.

Benjamin Treger (Greek and Latin major, 2009) studied law at Stanford Law School. He now works as an employment law attorney at Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP in Santa Monica.

Amanda Weldy (English and Italian major with special field in Classical Civilization, 2009) is currently Provost’s Fellow in USC’s English PhD program, specializing in Classical transmission in the 18th century Neoclassical period.

Stephanie Albrecht (Latin major, Classical Civilization minor, 2008) studied law at the University of Michigan and currently works as a white collar defense attorney at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe.

Karen Duckworth (Greek & Latin and Comparative Literature double major, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures minor, 2008) is at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill working on her Masters of Public Health with Registered Dietician training.

Veronica Peters (Classical Civilization major, 2008) is currently working as a product tester for digital camcorders in Cisco, San Jose.

Renata Skaletzky (Classical Civilization major, 2008) is a Research Assistant at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Los Angeles.

Caroline Cheung (Classical Civilization and Biochemistry major 2007) is currently pursuing her PhD in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of California, Berkeley. She received a BA in Classical Civilization and post-baccalaureate certificate program in Classics through UCLA Extension. In 2011, she completed her MA in Classical Archaeology at Florida State University.

Miriam Snoyman (Greek and Latin major, 2007) currently lives in Israel. She is married with two children: Eliezer (2 1/2 yrs) and Gavriella (2 mths). She works with her husband developing open- source software.

Elke Nash (Classical Civilization major 2007) is currently pursuing her PhD in Classics at the University of Southern California. She completed the post-baccalaureate certificate program in Classics through UCLA Extension and also worked as an assistant in the Director’s Office at the J. Paul Getty Museum in 2007 and 2008.

Jonathan Boustani (Classical Civilization major, 2007) graduated from Columbia Law School in 2010. He is currently working for a law firm in Irvine and considering further graduate work in a Classics related field.

Douglas Underwood (Classical Civilization major, 2007) received an MA from the University of Missouri in 2010, and a Ph.D. in 2015 from the University of St Andrews. His research is on Roman and Late antique archaeology, specifically looking at urban public monuments.

Erik Latshaw (History major, English minor, 2004, Postbaccalaureate in Classics 2006) is an independent, non-commissioned researcher and Certified Sommelier living in Los Angeles.

Moon Kim (Greek and Latin major, 2005) completed her MLIS and graduate certificate in Digital Humanities from UCLA.  She is an Acquisitions Librarian at the University of Washington.

Nathan Pollock (Classical Civilization and Economics double major, Summa Cum Laude, Departmental Highest Honors for Senior Thesis, 2005) is the founder, and owner/operator of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant in San Francisco. He was a management consultant for almost 4 years UCLA, where he worked on strategic business initiatives with a variety of companies. However, his love of food, architecture, and being in front of people in customer-oriented role lead me to team up with a business partner, write a business plan for The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, and they will be opening their doors for business in May 2010. They’ve spent over a year, planning the menu; publicizing the restaurant, and designing and building the restaurant space and are very excited to start serving their customers!

Kyle Erickson (Greek and Latin and History double major, 2005) is Lecturer in Classics at the University of Wales, Trinity St. David. He completed his PhD in March 2010 at the University of Exeter, UK, with a thesis entitled “The Early Seleucids, their Gods and their Coins.”

Christine Company (Classical Civilization major, 2002) received her MA in Italian Literature from UCLA in 2005. She currently works for NBCUniversal as an Associate IP Producer liasing between outside film studios and Universal on Ride and Land Development and Production for the theme parks in Hollywood, Orlando, and international properties.

Eleni Hioureas (American Literature major, Classics and Political Science Minors, Magna Cum Laude, College and Departmental Honors, 2001) earned her MA in Modern Literature from the University of York, England in 2003.  Now, she is an English professor at Santa Monica College, where she focuses primarily on teaching composition courses.  Last summer, she led a study abroad program to Greece and taught ancient and modern Greek literature in translation for that program.

Cameron Blount (Classical Civilization, 2000) earned his M.Ed at UCLA. After working as an Academic Personnel Analyst for the Dodd Humanities Group and the UCLA Dean’s Office, he moved to Cedars Sinai to work as a physician personnel analyst and physician recruiter. He then took the position of Director of Academic Personnel at the UC Davis Eye Center in 2011. He is now the Chief Administrative Officer for the UC Davis Eye Center.

Teo Martinez (Classical Civilization major, 1999) is the CEO of Growing Generations, a surrogacy and egg donation agency.

Lynne West (Greek and Latin major, 1999) completed her MA in Classics at UCSB in 2001. Since then she has been teaching all levels of Latin at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose. She recently received a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching and will be heading to the Netherlands in January for five months to conduct a research project on instructional techniques used by Dutch foreign language teachers. Press release here.

John A. Mills (Classical Civilization and History double major, 1996) currently works at the U.S. Embassy in Rome as a legal adviser. His deep familiarity with Roman History and Latin has helped him immeasurably during interactions with his Italian colleagues.

Melinda Borjon Heinlein (Classical Civilization & History double major, 1993) works for Apple in the Worldwide Developer Relations group.  She received a MBA from Babson College in 2003.  At Apple, she leads the team of people responsible for helping developers build the best mobile apps in the Education, Children’s, Books, and Medical market segments.

Jay Yerkes (Classical Civilization major, 1993) has been a self-employed independent financial advisor since 1996.  He also earned an MBA in 1995.  He is the elected City Treasurer for the City of Vacaville, CA, the President of the Solano Community College Educational Foundation, and is married with a daughter and 2 pugs.  Had he stayed in the Classics realm, he would be doing groundbreaking research into the ancient astronaut theory and helping to rewrite our history books.

Jill Urstein-Horowitz (Classical Civilization major, 1992) received her M.A. Ed from Pepperdine in 1998 and is currently teaching third grade at Ranchito Elementary in LAUSD.

Kevin Daly (Greek and Latin major, 1991) received his PhD in Classics from Harvard University and is currently the Andrew W. Mellon Professor at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.

Victoria Bryant (Classical Civilization major, Departmental Highest Honors, 1987) went on to get Masters in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, completed internship requirements and became licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in California; retired from ballet, continued certification as Pilates, Shiatsu, and massage practitioner, owns and cultivates a private somatic practice since 1994 – owner of Navigating Gravity Studio, in north Orange county; in the Fall of 2015, expanding the practice to Manhattan Beach, opening in conjunction with Gyrotonic South Bay Studios and Wellness Center.


[For fuller profiles of some recent program graduates, please see here]

Robert Guerrero (2021-22) is a PhD student in History at UC Riverside.

Elisa McAtee (2021-22)

Alex Houseman (2021-22)

Edward Kim (2020-22)

Dani Ortiz (2020-21) is a PhD student in the program in Art History at Johns Hopkins University.

Allyson Blank (2018-2020) just finished her MA in Archaeology at Arizona and is assisting in the Wiener Lab at the American School (analyzing animal bones and human skeletons).

Stacey Flores (2015-16) is a Scarborough Fellow for the American School of Classical Studies in Athens summer program and a PhD student in Greek history at UC Riverside. In between her UCLA Postbacc and entering grad school last fall, she taught middle and high school.