Fall 2023

CLASSIC 250 – Topics in Greek and Roman Culture and Literature: Queer Classics

Instructor(s): Ella Haselswerdt. Whether taken as descriptive of set of methodologies or as imperative rallying cry, topic of queer classics has asserted itself as significant force in field over past several years. Tension between two terms–former a broad rubric for non-normativity typically, though not exclusively, inflected through sexuality, desire, and body; latter referring to (traditionally) backwards-looking, valorizing, strictly defined discipline–has generated new ways of thinking and feeling with and through (dis)junctures between antiquity, present, and future. Study interrogates history of current inflection point while it simultaneously attempts to chart new ways forward. Objects of study drawn from primary textual sources in Greek and Latin, material evidence, reception (broadly construed) from antiquity to present in any medium, recent scholarship, queer theory, and other methodologies that are found to be generative. Participants collaborate in setting agenda.

CLASSIC 252 – Topography and Monuments of Athens

Instructor(s): John Papadopoulos. Detailed studies in topography and monuments of Athens, combining evidence of literature, inscriptions, and actual remains.

LATIN 200C – History of Latin Literature

Instructor(s): Francesca Martelli. Lectures on history of Latin literature, supplemented by reading of Latin texts in original language. May be taken independently for credit.

GREEK 226 – Imperial Greek Literature

Instructor(s): David Blank. Seminar, three hours. Study of Greek literature of Roman Empire with attention to various authors, genres, and themes.

GREEK 229 – Strengthening Greek

Instructor(s): Bryant Kirkland. Seminar, three hours. Grammar review, vocabulary development, and translation skills practice in reading ancient Greek texts across variety of genres and periods.

CLASSICS 375 – Teaching Practicum

Instructor(s): Zachary Borst, John Papadopoulos, Tassos Boulmetis, Sam Beckelhymer. Teaching apprenticeship under active guidance and supervision  of regular faculty member responsible for curriculum and instruction at UCLA.


Spring 2023

CLASSIC 220A – Transmission of Roman Literature

Instructor(s): Hannah Čulik-Baird

Examination of transmission of Latin classical literature in late antiquity, Middle Ages, and Renaissance to understand processes by which Latin literature has been preserved.

CLASSIC 375 – Teaching Practicum

Instructor(s): Adriana Vazquez, Chris Johanson, Richard Ellis, Bryant Kirkland.

Teaching apprenticeship under active guidance and supervision of regular faculty member responsible for curriculum and instruction at UCLA.

CLASSIC 495 – Teaching Classics

Instructor(s): Jasmine Akiyama-Kim, Bryant Kirkland

Seminar/workshop in various pedagogical issues and strategies in preparation for teaching classical civilization, Greek, and/or Latin undergraduate courses. Readings and group discussions in topics related to teaching in field of classics.

GREEK 200A – History of Greek Literature

Instructor(s): Kathryn Morgan

Lectures on history of Greek literature, supplemented by reading of Greek texts in original language.

GREEK 240A – History of Greek Literature

Instructor(s): Brent Vine

Linguistic history of classical Greek.

LATIN 210 – Advanced Prose Composition

Instructor(s): Lydia Spielberg