Spring 2023

CLASSIC 220A – Transmission of Roman Literature

Instructor(s): Hannah Čulik-Baird

Examination of transmission of Latin classical literature in late antiquity, Middle Ages, and Renaissance to understand processes by which Latin literature has been preserved.

CLASSIC 375 – Teaching Practicum

Instructor(s): Adriana Vazquez, Chris Johanson, Richard Ellis, Bryant Kirkland.

Teaching apprenticeship under active guidance and supervision of regular faculty member responsible for curriculum and instruction at UCLA.

CLASSIC 495 – Teaching Classics

Instructor(s): Jasmine Akiyama-Kim, Bryant Kirkland

Seminar/workshop in various pedagogical issues and strategies in preparation for teaching classical civilization, Greek, and/or Latin undergraduate courses. Readings and group discussions in topics related to teaching in field of classics.

GREEK 200A – History of Greek Literature

Instructor(s): Kathryn Morgan

Lectures on history of Greek literature, supplemented by reading of Greek texts in original language.

GREEK 240A – History of Greek Literature

Instructor(s): Brent Vine

Linguistic history of classical Greek.

LATIN 210 – Advanced Prose Composition

Instructor(s): Lydia Spielberg