Graduate Workshop

The UCLA Classics Graduate Workshop is a bi-weekly seminar for graduate students in Classics and related fields; the purpose of the workshop is to provide a venue in which graduate scholars can showcase their ongoing research and receive useful commentary from their peers in an informal setting.

The Workshop is organized and conducted entirely by Classics graduate
students, and is multi-disciplinary in approach: sessions have been dedicated to papers on gender, epigraphy, literary theory, art history, linguistics, historiography, cultural history, and all topics in between. Inquiries about specific papers should be directed to the presenter, and general questions to Rachel Morrison, the current organizer.

Sessions this Quarter

  • Ben Davis: “The Pastoral Motif and the Transformation of the Italian Landscape in Livy’s Third Decade.”
  • Rachel C. Morrison: “And who is my philos?: Redefining Friendship in Euripides’ Orestes.

Recent Sessions

  • Andre Matlock: “Temporal Unevenness in Cicero’s De finibus bonorum et malorum
  • Diana Librandi: “Mis(sed)recognitions. Identity and Civil War in Lucan’s Pharsalia“
  • Zach Borst: “Sappho’s Luminosity”
  • John Tennant: “Hitting ‘Wrong’ Notes? Pindar’s Improvisational Abundance & the Convention of Extemporaneous Performance”
  • Diana Librandi: “Hesiod and the Poetics of Hunger”
  • Zach Borst: “Empathy and Mimesis in Archaic & Classical Greek Literature”
  • Andre Matlock: “Following Doubt in Cicero’s Lucullus”
  • Tianran Liu: “Fertility, Sterility and Fluidity in Juvenal’s Satires
  • Andrew Lifland: “Herodotus as Political Commentator?”
  • Diana Librandi: “Repetition Blindness: The Cyzicus Episode in Valerius Flaccus’s Argonautica
  • Irene Han: “The Blood of Others: Plato’s Metabolē”
  • Grace Gilles: “A Tomb of One’s Own”
  • Douglas Fraleigh: “Power and Politeness in Aristophanic Comedy”
  • Deborah Sneed: “Physical Difference in Ancient Greek Thought, Art and Experience”
  • Summer Research Roundtable